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Hello and welcome to Mr. Stickler's Class Home page!

From this page, you will find links to tons of helpful resources for middle and high school students and their families. Visit the Summer Enrichment page for ideas on ways to keep learning over the summer months. (Remember to keep reading!) Follow this link to learn more about a BookChooser web site to help you find your next book!

There is also a Parent resource page with information related to summer learning, standardized testing, and links to articles related to teen growth and development! Know of any great ideas or articles other teens and parents might enjoy? Please let me know and I will do my best to find the information and post it here!

  • TODAY IN HISTORY UPDATED DAILY!! See what happened today.
  • SUMMER ENRICHMENT PAGE!! The average student loses 3 months worth of last year's learning over the summer! Here you will find ideas on how to stop the "summer brain drain".
  • PARENT PAGE!! Information specifically for parents of middle and high school students. Visit this page for tips on helping your student(s) do their best in school, website links, and article links and summaries.

AUGUST 11TH: NEED TUTORING THIS YEAR? - School will be starting soon! Many parents and students wait until they are struggling before looking for a tutor. If your student has had difficulty with particular subjects in the past, you may want to think about starting the year with extra help. Once the school year starts, tutor's schedules fill up quickly! Finding the right tutor now will help ensure you have the "right" tutor for your student.

To help you find a tutor that fits your needs, I have added a Wyzant tutor search widget to the bottom of the navigation bar (right side of the page). Use it to search for a qualified tutor in your area. (yes, I am a Wyzant tutor, too!) Their system is very user friendly for parents and students. There are many highly qualified tutors available to help your student start the year off right foot. (All tutors are screened and tested before being allowed to become Wyzant tutors.) If you have any questions about Wyzant, or if you want to learn more about Wyzant, visit their website at

AUGUST 1ST: NEW NATIONAL HISTORY DAY VIDEO - National History Day is an annual event held in June each year. Students from around the country present their award winning projects. I posted a YouTube video on the History Day page from the 2012 California National History Day finals competition. This is a great National History Day summary video! The theme of the 2012 competition is summarized and there are examples of every type of project featured. Follow the link above to the History Day page to view the video. -- Mr. Stickler

* NEW - JULY 22ND: "BOOK WHISPERER" WIDGET - I have added a new widget to the Parent Page! The widget is from Teacher magazine and it is from the teacher and reading advocate Donalyn Miller. She is a middle school reading and Social Studies teacher and author. She posts regularly to a reading blog with the same name ("The Book Whisperer"). Follow this link to the Parent Page to view the widget at the top of the page. Use the scroll bar on the right side of widget to scroll through posts (some are Tweets, too). Click on the summary to read more information. Her posts are great for finding more information about how to encourage your child's reading. There's also the "book a day" reading challenge! -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 18TH: "TODAY IN HISTORY" WIDGET - Our "Today in History" entries are now in a built - in Widget! Each day they will update automatically. Visit the Summer Enrichment page to see the new Widget (top of the page). To see more events, hover your mouse pointed over the Widget and arrows will appear. Click on the "forward" or "backward" arrows to scroll through the day's entries. -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 15TH - PARENT PAGE UPDATED - I have updated the Parent Page with a link to a great school supply coming next week to Staple! Click on the link to go to the Parent Page. Then, click on the big, red "Sale" button to go to the ad. -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 13TH - PAGE VIEWS - Hello, everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer! I'm so glad many of you are stopping by our class web site to check in and see what's new! As of today, we have had 407 page views on this web site. This is great!! Keep checking back every day to see the new "Today in History". I will also keep putting up new Social Studies information every three days or so. If you know someone who isn't stopping by the web site, E mail them and let them know. Remember, over the summer you have to read books and do some kind of school work. This will help prevent summer "brain drain". (You can lose up to 3 months worth of last year's learning if you don't keep up over the summer.) Before school ended last year, I suggested reading 10 books before the end of the summer. This is a good goal considering the free time you have over the summer. It's not too late to get started if you haven't already! Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 12TH SUMMER ENRICHMENT: ONEOTA INDIAN HOME DISCOVERED! A 500 year old Oneota Indian home has been discovered in Holman, Wisconsin. So far, nearly 7,000 artifacts have been recovered from the site near a highway in this city! Follow this link to the Summer Enrichment page, then click on the link at the top of the Summer Enrichment page to jump to my posting about the Oneida Indians. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 10TH: FIGHT CYBERBULLYING WITH ABC FAMILY - ABC Family has launched their "[delete]" campaign against cyberbullying. The movie Cyberbullying airs on ABC Family on Sunday, July 17th at 8 P.M. (Click here to read a summary of the movie.) Watch the video below for information about how to deal with cyberbullying from some of the stars of ABC Family network series and movies. Click on the banner to learn more about ABC Family's "[delete]" program.


THURSDAY, JULY 7TH: "TODAY IN HISTORY", NEW IMA EXHIBIT, & WEBSITE FEATURES: If you notice, I have added a separate "Today in History" update entry to the top of the page. This will let you know when I have updated both the video and the two extra links at the top of the Summer Enrichment page. Check the top of this page each day to see new "Today in History" videos!

Scroll down a bit to see a short YouTube video for a new exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (starts tomorrow, July 8th). There is also a link to a slideshow of some of the Ancient African artifacts that will be on display.

I've also added some Navigation links to both this and the Summer Enrichment pages. (See the blue "Back to Top" links below.) Use these to jump back to the top of the page after reading older postings. I hope these make our website easier for you to use. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH: "TODAY IN HISTORY" VIDEO - Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a great 4th of July!! I have added a "Today in History" video posting to the top of the Summer Enrichment page. This will have things that are similar to the ones I wrote on the front board last year. Follow this link to the Summer Enrichment page to view the "Today in History" video posting for July 6th. At the bottom of the posting, you will see links to 2 other July 6th events. Click on each one to learn more about them. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler
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SATURDAY, JULY 2ND - SUMMER ENRICHMENT: CIVIL WAR ERA U.S. SHIPWRECK EXCAVATED - Last month, divers and scientists working to excavate the shipwreck of the 1864 U.S. ship Mary Celestia uncovered wine bottles that still have the corks and all the wine inside! Go to the Summer Enrichment page to view a 4 minute video of divers excavating the bow of the ship and removing the bottles. There are also links to two articles that describe what was else was found in the ship off the coast of Bermuda. Have Fun!! -- Mr. Stickler
Wooden chest with the tops of several full wine bottles before excavation began.
Wooden chest with the tops of several full wine bottles before excavation began.

FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH - SUMMER ENRICHMENT: TWO ANCIENT DISCOVERIES REVEALED - Newspapers today reported two important ancient discoveries made! The first is the discovery and authentication of a carving of a Mastodon in Florida. Scientists have successfully dated it to 13,000 years ago, long before Mastodons were thought to have existed in or near North America! The second was the discovery of a Medieval city in Acre, Israel. The city was used by Christian Crusaders until 1291 C.E. That year, Muslims from Egypt attacked and drove the Crusaders out. The city was found underneath the modern city with the same name. Follow this link to the Summer Enrichment page to see photos of these discoveries. There are also links to news articles and web sites with more information about these discoveries. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

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TUESDAY, JUNE 21ST - SUMMER ENRICHMENT: CLEOPATRA'S PALACE - I'm so glad to see so many people visiting our website this summer! Thanks for stopping by! Follow the link to the Summer Enrichment page to see videos of a different type of archaeology: underwater archaeology. There are 2 videos to see. The 2nd shows divers mapping Cleopatra's palace at Alexandria, which is now underwater. They find tons of great artifacts, too. I'll keep posting new material every 3 to 4 days, so check back regularly. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH - SUMMER ENRICHMENT: NEW PYRAMIDS FOUND! - I updated the Summer Enrichment page with a 3D video of a newly discovered tunnel in the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt! The video was created from photos taken by a robot vehicle sent into the tunnel. Follow this link to the Summer Enrichment page to view the video. There's also a link to a short article about 17 new pyramids that have been discovered at the same location, a video of the "Egypt's Lost Cities" crew with the lead scientist, and a link to Discovery Channel's "Egypt Guide" site with TONS of Egyptian information (videos and photos). -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, JUNE 13TH - SUMMER ENRICHMENT PAGE UPDATED - Hello, everyone!! I have updated the Summer Enrichment page with the first "summer 2011" entry. It's a fun interactive site I found about ancient Egypt, mummies, and pyramids! Follow this link to the Summer Enrichment page to read my blog entry. Then, click on the "Mummies Unwrapped" link to go to the site. Have fun!! -- Mr. Stickler

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Supplies for Social Studies - The new school year is just around the corner! (Yeah!) Since I'm sure there will be a ton of Back to School sales over the next week or two, I thought I would give this information now. Social Studies students will need 2 things not listed on the school's supply list: 1 notebook to leexternal image 4864113_SK_LG.jpgave in the classroom, and 5 or 6 Post It note pads. The notebook color should match the chart I posted earlier: 6th grade = orange, 7th grade = red, and 8th grade = blue. If students have an old notebook in the right color, they can use it! Just tear out the old pages and bring it in! If it has 30 or 40 pages in it, it will last awhile (we'll fill a page about every other day). Post It note color doesn't matter as long as they're the 3" x 3" size or so. They can be lined if you'd like. Whatever is easiest to get is perfect! If anyone has questions about these items or needs help getting them, please E mail me at and I will help! -- Mr. Stickler