Our Student Abroad!

(Or, "Katie's Page"!)

On this page you will find information from (and to) one of our 7th grade classmates, Katie. This semester, Katie is studying abroad in Australia! Here you will see messages, photos, lessons, and more so she can study with us!

*New -SUNDAY, MAY 15 - Katie's Back! - Our Classmate, Katie, has returned safely from her semester abroad in Australia! We are glad to have her back in the United States even though she won't be with us at school. Thanks to all for their prayers for Katie, her family and their safety and good health. Thanks also to those who visited this page while she was gone. You have helped me understand (as a teacher) that using class websites like our's can work as a way to teach students who study abroad, have to stay home for long periods due to illness, or to keep in contact with students who returned to their home country (like our students from South Korea this year). -- Mr. Stickler



Friday, February 25th - Australian Travel Videos -

In these videos, we will learn about some of Australia's major cities and tourist destinations. These aren't the kind of places Katie is in necessarily - but tourism brings plenty of money to the Australian economy. Watch these short videos to see Australian architecture and city life!

*NEW - February 12, 2011 - WELCOME! -

The Australian Flag
Like the United States flag, each "field" (color) has a meaning. The red lines in the upper left corner represent Australia's historic ties to Great Britain. The Commonwealth Star or Star of Federation, in the bottom left corner. The other 5 stars that form a sort of triangle is the star formation the "Southern Cross". The Commonwealth Star has 7 points: six of them represent the six Australian states; the seventh represents all the territories. The stars that make up the "Southern Cross" represent Australia's position in the southern hemisphere.

The Australian Coat of Arms.

The Australian Coat of Arms has several meanings as well. The shield on the coat of arms shows the characters that represent the six Australian states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Follow this link to learn more about the Australian flag and coat of arms!

As Katie knows, the geography of Australia is very different from what we're used to here in Indiana! 70% of Australia's total land mass is called the "Outback". Australian camels, "dingoes", and donkeys are just some of the animals who live in the Outback.

Man vs. Wild: Australian Outback (4 mins. 38 secs.)
"Man vs. Wild": Click the photo to go to a video of Bear Grylls talking about the Australian Outback and its geography!

This should get all of us acquainted with Australia and its geography! Before the end of the year we will complete a unit on Australia and its history, geography, and culture.
Here is a link to photos of Katie and her family on their Australian journey! They are going to add to these as they can so we will learn from them, too! -- Mr. Stickler