On this page you will find videos, photos, and all sorts of resources to use to create you Middle School History Day project. Some of the resources are from the National History Day competition, but the information in them will help you with your project!!

National History Day Video Project Example (2010):

Here is an example of a student project on censorship of rock music done for the 2010 National History Day contest. -- Mr. Stickler

Here is the same student's National History Day performance video from 2008 (she won 1st place in the National History Day contest in Washington, D.C.) Her project is titled "Parental Advisory: Music Censorship vs. Creative Expression". -- Mr. Stickler

National History Day Research Video (2009):

This video shows students doing research in their local universities library. Libraries, like the one at Ball State University, have many more resources for you to use. This can be an excellent place to find primary sources in history, a requirement for your projects! Listen to the teachers describe what can be found at this library. -- Mr. Stickler

History Day Project Samples

Here are some examples of the types of projects you can do for Middle School History Day.

The example above is a very creative tri-fold display. These displays are needed for the Presentation project choice. Your research paper requirement will be 1-1/2pages if you choose this type of project. Your board will need to show creativity (like the one above), historical accuracy (all information relates to the person or event in your topic), and use of space (whether or not you used the space on your board to "tell the story" or not). Board space is limited, so use it wisely. Or, you can add small shelves like the person who created this display did!! (You can see more information about this board at: -- Mr. Stickler

Website Entry Example

One of your choices is to create a website. Here is the link to an example web site about Buckminster Fuller. (He was a scientist who designed geodesic domes.) This type of project would be good for students who like to use photos, drawings, color, text, and sound to express themselves. There are several places you can find FREE websites to use to build yours (Wikispaces is just one of them). You can also attach your paper to your web site or embed it right into the website! No need to turn in a paper copy.
Here are a couple of other examples (the first web site won 1st place in 2009, the second was 8th place in the National History Day competition):
1. Here's one called the "Apollo - Soyuz Test Project: The End of the Space Race".
2. This one is called "The Discovery of Insulin: A Medical Marvel for the Sugar Sickness".
3. This one is from two of my former students and it is called "Pearl Harbor Attacked"
(A great example of using photos, videos, and text in a great design.

These are just a few of the great web site examples available on line. Search for more using Google by typing "national history day website example".
-- Mr. Stickler