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This page is the Home page for the Middle School Book Lovers book club. The club is open to all Hoosier Academy 6th & 7th graders. Club meetings are from 11 - 11:45 A.M. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month beginning Wednesday, January 18th. (See the "Clubs" menu on Calendar Wiz for a link to Mr. Stickler's Elluminate room!) This page will have our book polls, links to book reviews, student written book reviews, and news about book talks and other reading events.


*NEW -Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - AND THE WINNER IS . . .
We have a winner in the February Book Choice poll! No ties this time! The book we will begin reading after today's book club meeting is
"The Name of this Book is Secret," by Pseudonymous Bosch! This book won by 1 vote, so if you think your vote doesn't count, 1 person made a difference. At today's book club meeting we will decide how many pages to read each week and set the reading schedule. This book has 384 pages, so we will probably use the whole month of February to read it so that everyone can read with us. I think this book has a fun title and will be a great second book for us! See you at book club! -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, January 30th - One More Day to Vote! There is one more day left to vote for the February book choice! So far, "The Name of this Book is Secret" and "Jurassic Park" are the two in the lead! Members have until Tuesday night at 8 P.M. to vote for their book choice (you can only vote once). I will post the name of the winning book during our club meeting this Wednesday at 11 A.M. Remember that this book club is open to all Hoosier Academy 6th & 7th graders! If you know someone who might like to choose, read, and talk about books with us - invite them to come, too!
When you come to the book club meeting Wednesday, please bring a question with you about "Firegirl". It could be a question about a part of the book you didn't understand or just something you want people's opinion about. Also, if you have an opinion about the book, write it down! You can turn in a 1 to 2 paragraph book review for "Firegirl" with your first name and last initial and I will post it on the book club website! (I will give everyone the address to the digital drop box during the meeting Wednesday.) See you Wednesday! -- Mr. Stickler

FEBRUARY BOOK POLL IS HERE! - We've got three choices for our February book club choice. Two of them were re-nominated from last month: "The Name of this Book is Secret" and "Jurassic Park". The new nomination is "If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period", by Gennifer Choldenko. We will start reading this book after our book club meeting this Wednesday (February 1) at 11 AM. So, vote for your choice (you can only vote once) and spread the word that the poll is ready!

Don't forget to come to the book club meeting this Wednesday at 11 A.M.!! We will talk about what we thought of "Firegirl," by Tony Abbott. Please bring a question - any kind will do - about the book, characters, story, etc. to the meeting. Don't worry about whether it's "too short" or "too long". Just think up a question and bring it with you! See you then!! - Mr. Stickler

JANUARY 11, 2012 - THE POLLS ARE CLOSED! WE HAVE A WINNER! - Well . . . it wasn't quite so easy! We actually had a tie! Two books had 5 votes each: "Jurassic Park" and "Firegirl". (Thanks to everyone who voted for this month's book, by the way!) Here's how I solved the issue. I went to the random number generator,, and had the computer choose two numbers at random. I assigned the first one to "Jurassic Park" (because it was listed first on the poll) and the second to "Firegirl". "Jurassic Park" was number 4 and "Firegirl" was number 8 (weird that these two numbers came up, but that's how it went!). Then, I had the computer make one more random number between 1 and 20. Whichever book was closest to the number would be the winner. The computer gave me number 11, so "Firegirl" won.

The next thing to do is to get a copy of the book and start reading!! There are many places you can try for getting a copy of this book: book stores (both new and used book stores may have it), libraries, flea markets or garage sales, other stores (like Target), or you can try to get one from an online store like (get your parents or guardians to help you with this).

  • The Muncie Public Library has 1 copy available (click this link to view the book's card catalog information).
  • The Indianapolis Public Library has copies at every branch library in the city including 2 at the central location (click this link and scroll down until you see the book, then click on the book's title to see all available copies).
  • The New Castle Public Library has 2 copies: 1 at the library and 1 on the bookmobile. (Click here to see the catalog information and place a hold on the book.)
  • The Anderson Public Library has 3 copies (click here to see catalog information and place a hold on the book).
  • The Lebanon (Indiana) Public Library has 1 copy available (click here to see catalog information and place a hold).
  • The Vigo County (Terre Haute, Indiana) Public Library has 1 copy available (click here to see catalog information and place a hold).
  • The Tippecanoe County (Lafayette, Indiana) Public Library has 5 copies at their different locations (click here to see where the copies are and place a hold).
  • The Yorktown - Mt. Pleasant Township Public Library has 1 copy (click here for catalog information and to place a hold).
You can see that every library website I checked had at least 1 copy of this book! Also, Target has copies (click here), Books-a-Million Online has new and used copies (click here), has new and used copies (used copies from 1 cent!; click here!), and Barnes & Noble has both new and used copies online (used copies from 99 cents; click here!). You can also get it on Kindle from Amazon and Nook at Barnes & Noble.

The book is fairly short with 145 pages so everyone should be able to participate and read this book with us! If none of the above options work for you and you still can't find a copy of the book anywhere else, please either let me know before or after an Elluminate class or your parents (or you) can call my home office number (this is on my teacher web page at and we will find a way to get the book for you.

I'm looking forward to reading and talking about this book with all of you! If you have suggestions for our February book, please post them on sticky notes on our WallWishers Page! -- Mr. Stickler

January 10, 2012 - POLLS CLOSE TOMORROW! The book club poll for January will close tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 11th) at 5 P.M.! If you haven't voted for our January book yet - do so as soon as you read this! I will post the name of the winning book Wednesday evening (come back and visit this site to see which book we are reading). Then, start looking for a copy of the book!

Don't forget that our first meeting will be Tuesday, January 17th instead of Wednesday due to Parent/ Teacher Conferences. The time will still be the same, 11 - 11:45 A.M. If you've been visiting the book club page and you're not sure whether you're going to come or not, I encourage you to try it for one month. Read the first book with us and come to the meetings to see what it's like. With the new semester starting, we'll be getting a lot of new Hoosier Academy students. I encourage our newest 6th & 7th graders to give it a try, too. I think that once you try it, you'll like it! -- Mr. Stickler

January 10, 2012 - UPDATED BOOK CLUB POLL! There are 2 new choices on our book club poll! (Thank you to those who nominated books on our WallWishers page!) I will keep the previous poll up so everyone can see people's votes so far. If you want to vote for one of the 2 new choices (and you haven't voted already), please vote on the new poll. (If you want to vote for one of the original three book choices, keep using the old poll.) I will give this until Wednesday evening and then I will have to announce a winner. Right now, "Jurassic Park", by Michael Crichton is ahead with five votes - a small margin!!

FIRST MEETING DATE CHANGE! - Because Wednesday, January 18th is Parent/ Teacher Conference day, the first Middle School Book Lovers book club meeting will be Tuesday, January 17th at the same time (11 - 11:45 A.M.). The regular date and time will still be every first and third Wednesday from 11 A.M. to 11:45 A.M. See you there!! -- Mr. Stickler