Below are the links to each classes' homework page. On each page you will find electronic copies of newsletters and other forms I have sent home with your child, a list of homework for each week, and links to online resources to help complete the assignment. If you ever have any questions about what an assignment is, please E mail me at:

*NEW -MAY 14 - This Week in 6th Grade - This week, things will be a little different for us. With 8th grade gone on their Washington, D.C. trip, be prepared to have a double class in each of your classes (except Specials) this week! Here are a few things we will be doing:
  • Monday - NWEA testing - 9:30 - 10:30 A.M. (to gym from 9:20 - 9:30 A.M.).
    • Religion Test - We will take this test during our normal Religion time. (This means if we get any Social Studies time, it will be short.)
  • Tuesday - We will talk about Haitian religions, see examples of Haitian art, and start a Haitian Art & Culture project!
  • Wednesday - The Haitian Art & Culture Projects will be due. In class, we will read some of the textbook information on Haiti and take notes.
  • Thursday - We will start our "Puerto Rico" portion of this unit. Our discussion will start with a look at the climate of the country. Then, we will talk about the real "Pirates of the Caribbean" and watch a piece of video about what really happened!
  • Friday - We'll finish our "Pirates of Caribbean" video clips. Portfolio Reflections are due today, too. This will be the last Friday for a Current Event/ Portfolio Reflection! -- Mr. Stickler

Saturday, March 13th - History Day Presentations on Monday - ALL GRADES: History Day presentations are this Monday! All projects are due this day (each piece of the project) with no exceptions. (Other than a serious emergency!) When you do your presentation, plan to have everything ready to go when the group before you is done. We will have visitors, so we must stick to our time schedule. You should practice your presentation at least once this weekend. Presentations should be around 5 minutes long to allow time to switch presenters & set up your exhibit (or Power Point, website, etc.). 6th Graders - You must present on the day you are scheduled! Parents are visiting class to see their child present, so we have to get our presentations done! I'm looking forward to see the result of your work from the past couple of months! -- Mr. Stickler

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