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THURSDAY, JUNE 9TH - FAREWELL + SUMMER WEBSITE - It has been such a great year at Pope John Paul II that I wanted to take a moment to write a farewell to everyone. But, before I do that, I want everyone to know that you can always get in touch with me if you need or want to! The E mail address that goes with this website - - will remain active. If students or parents have questions about Social Studies, need or want tutoring in study skills and/ or any Social Studies - related class (i.e. History, Government, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, or Economics) - just send me an E mail and I would be happy to help! Or, if you just want to say "Hi" and let me know how you are, please send me an E mail. I'd like to keep up with all of you as much as I can. Also, I will post Social Studies - related websites with activities on this website over the summer. Go to the Summer Enrichment page to see these entries. This will be just like last summer. (See the "Archives" page for some items I posted then.) I'm planning on posting things every 3 or 4 days, so check back regularly to see what I've added!

It truly was a great year of learning at Pope John Paul II this year! When I think about all we learned, I am proud of the progress you all made. You worked very hard to learn the content and do excellent work and I appreciate all of it! As a first year teacher, I couldn't have asked for better classes of students. I hope you realize how much you did! A couple of classes learned all the required content for their grade with 2 or 3 weeks left in the school year! That only happened because you worked so hard. I thank each of you for that!

I also appreciate all the help you gave in the day-to-day running of our class. Each of you stuck by our Class Jobs schedule and did your part when it was your turn. Teachers need student helpers! I thank you for always stepping up when your turn came around.

For all parents: I want to thank you for all your support and prayers this year! We couldn't have done all the activities we did without you. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have had this group of parents helping and supporting the students and I. I know all of you helped out with everything from classroom birthday parties to driving on field trips. Please accept my thanks for all of your help! You helped educate your children by your thoughtfulness and caring spirit.

For the 6th graders: thank you so much for your eager participation with Mass Prep!! I admit that before the school year started, I didn't think I would always have enough volunteers to complete our schedule. WOW, was I wrong! Your enthusiasm for helping with the Liturgy and saying Rosary was contagious! I know that other teachers and students noticed how well you always did. Many teachers commented how "blessed (I) was to have a class so committed to helping out at Mass". (Yes, that's a direct quote from teachers!) It's my prayer that you continue your commitment to helping with the Mass when called upon. My thanks hardly do justice to my feelings.

I hope you trust that I will always remember all of you! We spent about 10 months of our lives working together through all sorts of situations, seasons, and trials. We always came out the other side of any problems better for having gone through it together. I know that I am a better teacher now than I was when the year began because of our experiences together. All I have to do is think about an assignment or a name or an event from this year and I see your faces and remember our time together. There is a poem that was written in the back of one of our Navy "cruise books" (like high school yearbooks, only thicker!) that sums up how I feel very well:

"The Carrier Experience"
"It was with me then, And it is with me now,
Surely it will be with me, 'Til the end of my days."

Please remember me in your prayers as I will remember all of you in mine. I'm sure I will see many of you around town or when I come to St. Mary's for my daughter's school activities next year! Make sure to say "HI" and let me know how you are doing! Wishing you all a great summer! -- Mr. Stickler

JULY 14TH - NEW LOOK - Hello, all! I've finally found some time to get more deeply involved in the look and theme of our class website. (Looking through all those lines of programming code takes a long time!) I added the Pope John Paul II school logo to the top of each page and to the address bar (look near the web address). I also changed some font sizes and darkened colors. It's fun to personalize our website and I'm glad I had some time to do it! Feel free to E-mail the mailbox for this website with any opinions you have on this update (! Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

A new National History Day video is posted on the Summer Enrichment page. Check out Day 3: Junior division (middle school) National Finals! Here you will see clips from several student skits and plays. There are plenty of project options to choose for National History Day.

Also, all class pages have been updated with new information and activities! There are some great choices on all the pages!

If you notice, a widget is located on the Navigation sidebar! Click the widget to go to the website and play. It's fun and it helps feed the hungry in 3rd world countries!
Our instructional time will be limited tomorrow due to the Race for Education and NWEA testing in the

morning. Mrs. Brown needs more Science time with you, so after NWEA (at around 9:30 A.M.) you will

come back upstairs, get your Science materials and go to Science as a class. (No split for the
Computer Lab due to NWEA testing.) We will have some time in the afternoon after the Race for Education for Social Studies. There are some other issues relating to 8th grade getting to all of their classes to take or finish testing before leaving for Washington, D.C. Monday.

1,500 Page Views!! - Thanks to everyone who visited our class web site in July! We had over 1,500 individual page views last month. I really appreciate everyone who has stopped by to keep in touch. We will keep using this web site throughout the school year, too. Bookmark this web site on your browser if you haven't already. This page will have links to school and classroom calendars, assignments, and more! -- Mr. Stickler

Tests and Quizzes posted to 6th and 8th Grade pages - O.K., I have now posted the four (4) tests and quizzes that I will use to create the 6th Grade Extra Credit quiz on the 6th Grade page. I also posted the three (3) I will use for the 8th Grade Extra Credit quiz on your page. Follow the link to the 6th or 8th grade page and you will see the four (4) Word documents there. Click on the blue links to open, download, and read! Good Luck!! -- Mr. Stickler

Tuesday, May 31st - Social Studies "Native American" Studystack cards- I have posted the "Native Americans" electronic flashcards on The quiz covers the DVD we saw, the "Painting with Sand" worksheet, the chapter handout I gave you on Tuesday (today), and the map we did the first day. Follow this link to the 6th Grade page. From there, click on the "Native Americans flashcards" link to view the flashcards on -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, MAY 29TH - 8th Grade Extra Credit - 8th Graders - I uploaded an extra credit assignment to your class page. This assignment is meant to be creative - so have fun with it! It is worth 10 points total! Go to the 8th Grade page to view the link to the directions (a Word file). If you have any questions about it - or if you want me to look at a rough draft - E mail it to me at: I will look at it and return it as quickly as I can! The assignment is due soon, so you'll need to get started right away if you want to complete it. -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, MAY 15 - 6th Grade Religion Studystack cards - The Studystack cards for Monday's Religion test are finished! I added the "Easter" cards to the flashcards. Go to the 6th Grade page to review the flashcards. If you want to print the cards, click the link to go to the page.

I have also added a brief outline of what we will be learning this week in 6th grade. This may change a little as you will probably have a "double" class in each subject at least once this week with 8th grade being gone. -- Mr. Stickler

SATURDAY, MAY 14 - 6th Grade Religion Studystack cards - I created the Studystack cards for Chapter 18 for the Religion test this Monday. They are embedded on the 6th Grade page. Click the link to go to the 6th grade page and study the cards, or, to link to the page on to print the cards. -- Mr. Stickler

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11TH - 6th Grade Religion Test Postponed - Thank you for being flexible with these schedule changes! Tomorrow afternoon we will start working on the Social Studies unit the class voted on today: "Haiti and Puerto Rico". I'm looking forward to teaching you about Puerto Rico - I visited several times!

I will let you know when the Religion test will be by Friday at Knight Time. With 8th grade away from school all next week, you may end up having double classes in 1 or all subjects at one time or another! -- Mr. Stickler

MONDAY, MAY 9TH - 6th Grade Studystack card embedded on 6th grade page! The Studystack cards for the "Mexico, Panama, & Cuba" Unit Test are embedded on your 6th grade page. Follow this link to your page, then scroll down a bit and you will see the Studystack cards. I posted a link to the Studystack page in case you want to print the cards. -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, MAY 8TH - 8th Grade StudyStack Cards Now Embedded on Your Page! I have finished most of the Studystack flashcards for the test tomorrow. Remember, I do not put 100% of the test items on Studystack! You will have to study using the study guide, Power Point printout, and class notes. Go to the 8th Grade page to see the StudyStack cards! They are displayed on the page so you don't have to go to to go through them! (I did post the link to the cards though, just in case anyone wanted to print them.)

Also, check out the new Widget I posted in the Navigation bar to Catholic Online. This shows the daily Mass readings from their website. Visit Catholic Online for tons of articles including Saint of the Day, News, Catholic Life, and Prayers! -- Mr. Stickler

FRIDAY, APRIL 29TH - Parent Page Widget Added - Parents - visit the Parent Page and see the widget! This is located on the Easy Access Resource Panel at the top of the page. Follow the links to visit and read the entire article. Visit the website to see parent resources for students in grades K-8! This will give you activity ideas for the whole family this summer! -- Mr. Stickler

TUESDAY, APRIL 26TH - 7th Grade Studystack Cards Posted - The Studystack electronic flashcards are posted for this Friday's "Central and Southern Africa" unit test. Click on this link to go to the 7th Grade page. Then, follow the link to the 7th grade "Central and Southern Africa" test flashcards. If this method does not work for you, go to Google, type "mrsticklersclass" in the search box and hit "enter". The first thing that will come up will be the home page for our class website. Click on that link and then 7th Grade on the navigation bar to the right of the screen. This will take you there! -- Mr. Stickler

Sunday, April 24 - 6th Grade Religion Studystack - I added a link to the 6th grade Religion Studystack for our test tomorrow. We will take an ISTEP practice test after Mass, have a shortened Social Studies class, and then take the Religion test. Click this link to the 6th Grade Religion Homework page. Then, follow the link to the Studystack page. -- Mr. Stickler.

Friday, April 22 - Parent Page updated! - I have updated the Parent Page with resources to use over the summer. It won't be long until school is out - and our students will need something to do! Please continue visiting the page as I will be adding resources as I find them! -- Mr. Stickler

History Day Websites - Thank you to the parents, teachers, and students who were able to come and watch our History Day presentations! I've heard nothing but positive feedback about the student projects. The 5th graders from St. Lawrence and St. Mary's loved looking at the boards around the room!

Another big Thank You to students for their hard work on this year's History Day projects! You have set the bar very high for future students! History Day will be an annual activity in Social Studies - so think of the great projects you can create now that you have all participated!

Last, but not least, Thank You to all the parents for supporting History Day! Projects like this effect everyone at home. I appreciate those things that you did "behind the scenes"!

For those who could not make it to watch History Day presentations, I am including links to three websites created by our students. The first was created by 6th graders Cody H. & Melissa R. Their site is on Greek Mythology . (Click link to visit the site.) The second example was created by 8th graders Sarah K. and Laura S. Their website about the Bombing of the Pearl Harbor Naval Base, 1941 (click to visit site) contains videos, photo albums, and text - based information. A third site was created by 6th grader Joshua Y. His website is a comparison of Greek and Roman mythology (click link). *STUDENTS: If you built a website for History Day, please E-Mail the web address to me at and I will add it here.

Meanwhile, check your class page the Sunday before we go back to school (March 27th) for information about what we will be doing in each class. ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK!! -- Mr. Stickler

Sunday, March 14th - History Day Grading Rubric - I'm sure you are all working hard to touch up your projects for tomorrow! I thought I would make your job easier and post a copy of the History Day Grading Rubric. That way you can open it and see exactly how you will be graded. I've talked to every class about the different things that must be included in your projects, so none of this should be new to you. This will just let you know how many points each item is worth. I will be writing comments on these sheets and grading some parts of the projects while you are presenting them. That way you will get your grade sheets back as soon as possible. (Remember, Friday is the end of the grading period!) -- Mr. Stickler

*NEW - Saturday, March 13th - History Day on Parent Connection Page - I have updated the Parent Page with information about History Day project presentations on Monday (March 14th). Parents are invited to their child's class that day to watch student's presentations. Presentations will be in the Social Studies classroom. See the Parent Page for further information. -- Mr. Stickler

Parents - There is also a special page for you! Visit regularly to find class updates, photos, and announcements. If you ever need to contact me for any reason, feel free to send me an e - mail at If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see on this wiki - please send me those also. If you would like to set up a classroom visit, please contact either Mr. Westrick or I at least 48 hours in advance. I welcome parent visits anytime!

Saturday, January 8th - ClassWish wishlist - I have added a banner/ widget for to the top of this page. I created a class wish list for our class using this website. On several occasions this year, various people have asked, "Can I do anything to help? Do you need anything?" I decided to create a wishlist of items we could use in our classroom. I have personally contacted one of the creators of this organization to ensure this website is reputable (I also asked him to correct their website and add Pope John Paul II Middle School to the "schools" list, which he did!) This organization is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, so donations through this site are tax deductible. There is a printable tax letter on their website as well. I also chose this organization they because they serve both public and private schools. (Most educational donation websites do not assist private schools.)
The way the process works is that a person visits the website and locates the city/ school they wish to assist. Next, they locate the wishlist for the school itself (or a particular teacher) and view needed items. Then, donations are made toward the purchase of those items. Once the total needed is raised, ClassWish board members review the request, monies needed, and monies received to make sure all money has been raised. Then, ClassWish purchases the items and ships them to the school/ teacher.
At this time, I am the only teacher with a posted wishlist. I am going to forward information to other teachers, so more wishlists may show up in the future. Currently, my class wishlist is under "St. Mary's" because "Pope John Paul II" was not an option when I first signed up!
Please do not feel obligated to donate! This is simply an outlet for those who have asked how they could help or what we need. (If you happen to hear someone mention this, you might direct them to this site.) If anyone does decide to donate to our class - a big thank you to all of you! We couldn't continue many of our programs without the support of parents and parishioners!! -- Mr. Stickler

Also, there are 3 new links in the Navigation menu (right side of the page). You will use these links to find historical sources this year. The National Archives Digital Vault is an interactive web site that shows connections in Social Studies. Use this link to see a photo of a Marine in Vietnam, 1965 (the start of the Vietnam War). Click "Move to Center." Then, practice viewing connections and sources further from this one with the "down arrow" (yellow arrows at the top, right of the page). You can also click on "Search" at the bottom to find things that interest you! It's fun to see how all these are connected! (To see the connections, move your pointer over the "tags" on the left side of the screen.) Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

I have activated the "Discussions" tab on our class Wiki! You will get an E mail inviting you to become a member of our wiki. Accept this invitation to allow you to post to the Discussion area. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them on the Discussion board. Remember, DO NOT USE PERSONAL INFORMATION IN YOUR POSTS! For security reasons, do not use your full last name, social security number, or any other information that would be useful to Internet identity thieves. If you have questions that you think everyone would benefit from knowing, please post those. I will answer within 24 - 48 hours. Thanks! --Mr. Stickler

*New:Sunday, December 20 -Parent Newsletter posted - I have posted the Parent Newsletter on the Parent page. Please visit the Parent page to view the letter! -- Mr. Stickler

6th Grade Religion Studystack link - I have updated the Religion Studystack for our test this Tuesday! Click on the following link to go to the flashcards for the 12/21 Religion test: I will also post this link on the 6th Grade Homework page. If you have any trouble accessing it, please let me know. (Send E mails to or The flashcards are nearly complete. I only need to add flashcards for the Saints we studied during this unit. Remember that on Monday we will play the Study Guide Review game. We are playing it with the divided classes so more people have a chance at getting the 5 extra credit points this time! I will also bring along the flash cards we made in class in case we finish the Study Guide game early. Then we can play Around the World, too! -- Mr. Stickler

Saturday, December 18 - 6TH & 8TH Grade studystack cards updated - I have updated the studystack cards for the 6th grade (Social Studies) & 8th grade tests on Monday. I added cards for Thursday & Friday's class material. Use the same link (listed on your class homework page) to view the new cards. -- Mr. Stickler

Wednesday, Dec. 15th, 2010 - 6th Grade Social Studies studystack cards posted!
I have posted the electronic flashcards on the website for the 6th Grade Social Studies test. Follow this link to view the flashcards. I will continue to add to them this evening. My goal is to post 30 electronic flash cards by tomorrow morning! Don't put this off until the weekend! If then link doesn't work, please E mail me at: jlstickler@stmary

I have added a WLBC School Closings & Cancellations link to the side navigation bar. This will be there through the winter months. There is also a link to WISH - TV channel 8's school cancellations/ delays page! -- Mr. Stickler

7th & 8th Grade Homework Page - Studystack flashcards available! I have posted the Studystack electronic flashcards for the last unit of the semester. Follow this link to view the 8th grade flashcards. This link will take you to the 7th grade flashcards. Also, 8th graders, scroll down near the bottom of your flashcard page and click on "Notes". There, I have posted an outline of the content that will be on the test with page numbers. Both 7th & 8th grades will take their unit tests next Monday (we will play some type of review game this Friday)! Students are responsible to read the material for the tests! We may not read every word of the chapter or section in class, so make sure you do the homework readings & use Studystack if possible. Tuesday, we will have an extra credit, open note quiz. I will take 1 question from every test we have taken so far and write it in multiple choice format. Each question will be worth 1 point. Wrong answers will not count off your grade. More about that over the next two days. Tuesday all classes will complete a Semester Survey to sum up how things have gone so far.

I have also added a "Lexile Lookup" link to the side navigation bar. This link takes you to a web site that will help you choose books based on your Lexile level. (This score is on your NWEA score report sheet from earlier this year.) If you can't find your Lexile score, ask me and I can look it up for you. Then, bring your book along every Friday for SSR! -- Mr. Stickler

Sunday, December 5 - 8th Grade Homework Page Updated: No Social Studies test tomorrow (Monday)! I have added some notes about what will be on the test to the 8th Grade Homework page. Please read over those and bring questions you have to class tomorrow. I want to give you a chance to ask questions before we take the test. -- Mr. Stickler

6TH Grade Religion & Social Studies "Studystack" ready - The electronic flashcards are online now at Go to the Homework page, click on either "6th Grade Religion" or "6th Grade Social Studies" and the link should take you to the flash card stack you need. If you have problems getting that link to work, please E mail me at and I will fix the link as soon as I can. Remember, the Religion test is on MONDAY. The Social Studies test is this Friday. Thank You! -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH - FLASH CARDS ADDED FOR 6TH GRADE "ROME" TEST! I have added 20 flash cards to the 6th grade "Ancient Rome" Studystack. These focus on the sections titled "A New Religion: Christianity," and "The Fall of Rome". Make sure to review your SQR2 notes for all 5 of the sections. Follow this link to Mr. Stickler's "Ancient Rome" Unit Test Flash Cards. Try shuffling the flash cards to make sure you know them (there's a "shuffle" button under the flash cards). You can also take matching quizzes and do other activities based on the flash cards. If you want to turn them into a study guide, use the "Print" button near the bottom of the page. Our test is still going to be this Tuesday! Monday, we will play the Study Guide Review Game to prepare for the test. If you have trouble finding the Studystack website or the link doesn't work, try going to Google and searching for "studystack", click on the link and then click on the "History" & "World History" links. Then click the blue "date" column to organize the stacks by date. Ours was created on 11/2/10. (Stack is called "Mr. Stickler's "Ancient Rome" Unit Test".) -- Mr. Stickler

Reading Comprehension Movie! - Below is a movie that students in all grades should watch. If you already know about Signal Words, you will still benefit from reviewing them. However, I know many students struggle to understand what they read in textbooks - even though they can read fiction (novels) really well! The movie will teach you how to identify the structure of a paragraph. This will help you understand what the author is trying to tell you and how they're doing it. To become better readers, we are going to continue to learn and review reading skills all year. (Some classes have already had lessons like this such as locating the topic sentence in paragraphs.) After watching this movie, think about the last homework you read. Do you know what the author's intent was? Were they comparing and contrasting things? Were they giving steps in a process or telling things in order? If you're sure, go back and try using these Signal Words to understand the passages better! We will be going over this skill in all classes, too!! -- Mr. Stickler

Use the player settings to view the PowerPoint once
it loads!

*NEW - TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26th - 8th Grade On Line Flash Cards for test! - I went online to and created a set of 30 flash cards with both questions and answers to help you study for the test tomorrow. (You'll still have the test even though I won't be there - I'm still sick.) Follow this link to go to the "Colonizing N. America" unit test flash cards page. After you've gone through them once, hit the "reshuffle" button to mix them up. If you look under "Notes" from the 1st page you will see New France notes I made. You can also take matching quizzes and do other activities based on these 30 flash cards! Remember that Psychologists have discovered that the best way to use flash cards is to spend just 10 seconds on a card. If you don't know it, click "Next Card" and go on. As you get to know the cards, you can click "Discard" and the card showing is removed from the stack! If you work through the flash cards and an activity or worksheet from the bottom of the page, you'll do well on the test. I believe you can also print out the set of cards.
In case the hyperlink above fails, try these steps to find the cards:
1. Go to
2. Click on the "History" link in the box.
3. Click on the "U. S. History" link in the box.
4. Click the blue "date" column heading to sort cards by date created.
5. You should see "Flash cards for 'Colonizing N. America" unit test!" near the top. (*Our user name is "sticklerpjpII".)
* The flash cards should start with card #1!

If you are still having trouble, send an E mail to our class website address ( I'll check every once in awhile for messages. If the link works for you, please pass along the word to classmates that it's posted! Have fun!
-- Mr. Stickler

Monday, April 18th - 6th Grade Studystack Flashcards - The Studystack for our test this Wednesday are done! Go to the 6th Grade page and click on the "Incas and Independence" link. This will take you to the right set of flashcards. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will play the Study Guide Review game for extra credit. If you still have questions about some of the material after class tomorrow, let me know and I will help!

I have also started the 7th grader's Studystack flashcards for the East Africa test. Follow the link to the 7th grade page. Then, click on the Studystack link to go to the first page of the flashcards. -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, March 24 - Harmony and Grades - If you are checking Harmony regularly, you will see some changes to your grades over the next few days. The grade that is on Harmony today is not your final grade! Grades are due first thing Monday morning, so I will be grading the last assignments for the 3rd quarter and entering them for a few days. Once I have everything graded and finalized, I will post to this page and let everyone know their grade is final. This issue led to some confusion over Christmas break, so I thought I would address it now as I start to grade. Also, I have gathered all papers to grade and I have them with me. This means that any blank spots you may see in previous months will become "0's" over the next few days. The only exception would be if you were sick and I haven't written in an "E" (for "excused") for that assignment yet. Report cards will come home this Tuesday. -- Mr. Stickler

March 6th - 8th Grade Studystack cards ready! - I have completed and posted the Studystack cards for this week's "U. S. Constitution & Citizenship" unit test. Go to the 8th grade page to see the link and more information about the test. -- Mr. Stickler

March 5th - 6th & 7th Grade Class Pages - I have updated the 6th & 7th grade pages with lots of information! Visit these pages and read more information about the schedule for class this week, National History Day projects (and getting extra help after school if you need it), and "special guests" during the NHD presentations on Monday, March 14th!! 6th grade will also see information about when the Studystack link for this week's test will be posted.

*Updated: 4:30 P.M. Saturday - I have updated the 6th Grade page with the link to for this week's test. Visit the 6th grade page to read updated information about what to study for the test Wednesday!! -- Mr. Stickler

March 3rd - Studystack electronic flash cards complete - I finished adding all Studystack cards for our Chapter 3 test. The test will be next Tuesday. (Review on Monday.) Go to the 7th grade page for the link to the Studystack page. Go to the 7th grade page to read what we will study in Chapter 4 (and, how much!). -- Mr. Stickler

February 27th - 6th & 7th Grade Interactive Mind Maps available - I used the Mind Mapping Tech Tool on to create a Mind Map for Chapter 8, Section 1 (for 6th grade) and the story of the Belgian Congo (for 7th grade). These are full of different colors and show all the main topics and connections between them! Click on the 6th Grade or 7th Grade pages to view the Mind Map you need. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out. The Mind Map is embedded in the wiki page, so clicking on it won't take you to another web site. You can view and work with it right here on our web page! If you want to use and try it out, click on the link in the first sentence above. You can make Mind Maps without creating an account, you just won't be able to save them. Accounts are free, however, if you try it and like it. Enjoy!

Parent Page - Helping Your Children During Standardized Testing - This week, our middle school students will be taking the ISTEP + tests. Test sessions will happen during the morning hours (i.e. before lunch) Monday through Wednesday. Preparing to take these exams is different than preparing for a "regular" classroom test. Go to the Parent Page for a link to a helpful article from -- Mr. Stickler

February 25th - 7th Grade Study Stacks Ready - The 7th grade Study Stack electronic flash cards have been started. There are 27 cards so far. (There will be some more vocabulary cards added soon.) Follow this link to the 7th grade Studystack flash cards.

Katie's Page - Also, check out Katie's Page! I have posted 3 short videos to give everyone an idea of what Australian city life is like. The third video is about the Great Barrier Reef, a huge attraction to divers and naturalists world wide. Enjoy!

8th Grade - Shay's Rebellion Video - We have been learning about Shay's Rebellion - the revolt by Massachusetts farmer Daniel Shays in the years after the American Revolution. Here is a link to a video about Shay's Rebellion. (about 3 minutes long.) See the links on the bottom of the page for more videos from this time period. -- Mr. Stickler

February 22, 2011 - "Tech Tools" assignment - Just a reminder that the "Tech Tools" assignment is due tomorrow (Wednesday). During class, I will ask several students to share ideas from their papers. Maybe you will hear about one that you can use for your project! The papers are due at the end of class tomorrow.

History Day project due date - After speaking with Mr. Westrick about the scheduled activities for the week before Spring Break, I have made the due date Monday, March 14th. (Previously I said the 16th.) There are no basketball games or any other activities that we could see on the calendar. I chose this date so that parents (or grandparents) could come to the classroom and watch their child present their project! We would like to invite parents to come to school during their child's scheduled Social Studies class to see their work if possible. I know that many of you work during the day and that this might not be possible. However, if you are available, please consider coming that day. The Social Studies times for Monday's are: 6th grade = 9:10 A.M. - 10:05 A.M., 8th grade = 10:05 - 10:50 A.M., and 7th grade from 1:45 P.M. - 2:30 P.M. There is a slight chance we may need to divide 6th grade due to the number of students in our class. If this happens, I will divide the class in half and have the first half present on Monday and the last half on Tuesday.

This due date change takes 2 days away from work time, but, students have been working since mid-January! They have very interesting project topics set. Please think about joining us on March 14th! I look forward to seeing you then! -- Mr. Stickler

February 16th, 2011 - "Tech Tools" assignment links - Here are a couple of Web site links that will help you understand the "Tech Tools" assignment. One is a Web site with more than 50 tech tools you can use to help you complete you Project: Free Tools for Teachers. Anyone can use these tools even though the Web site says its "for teachers". Another is Livebinders, a Web site that lets you store documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and many other types of information on line. It's free and secure. This site would be good to use if, for example, two students do not get to meet face - to - face very often. They could work on their notes and research in a Livebinder. You just make sure that both of you have access to the binder and you're all set!

The goal of the assignment is to find resources online that will help you with your Project. Another example would be the students I mentioned above that have trouble meeting. They could use text messages or instant messages to communicate. You could also create an online bulletin board on where the two of them could write Post Its on their wall to each other. 6th grade will be able to use their Computer Lab time tomorrow to finish the assignment. -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, February 14th - 8th Grade Test Tuesday - For your "Revolutionary War" test tomorrow, you can use a 1/2 sheet of notes during the test. This should be a piece of printer paper cut in half. Your writing CANNOT be microscopic! You can write in two columns or one column with the paper length wise. YOU CAN ONLY WRITE ON ONE SIDE OF THE PAPER. There won't be enough time to look through a ton of notes to find answers. The test format is the same as always: A section of multiple choice, then 4 to 5 short answers, and 3 or 4 extra credit questions at the end.

I have some pieces of printer paper already cut for you in my classroom. If you need some, stop by first thing in the morning to get it. -- Mr. Stickler

Saturday, February 12 - NEW PAGE! - Katie's Page - I received an E-mail from Katie A's. family in Australia! We are working together to stay in touch with Katie and her family so we can learn from them and Katie can learn along with us. We discussed posting messages (blog?), photos, and such on Katie's Page. Visit this page to learn about the Australian flag and crest. There is also a photo of Bear Grylls from "Man vs. Wild" during the "Australian Outback" episode. Click the photo to link to a 5 minute video of Bear talking about the climate and geography of the Outback. (And watch him nearly get struck by lightening - or so it seems!) I will update the Home page here when there are new posts to see!

ALL class pages have been updated! There are tests in every class at some point this week. Visit the Homework page for your class to see what the test format will be and what to use to study. 7th and 8th graders, you both have Studystack electronic flashcards available. (Follow the link on your homework pages.) I will add a few Studystack cards for 6th grade on Monday. -- Mr. Stickler

FEBRUARY 9TH - Parent Page Updated! - I updated the Parent Page with some information related to midterms and the 6th grade Valentine's Day party. Please take a moment to read these! Thank You for supporting our students! Look for a future update about visiting the classroom to see the student's Spring National History Day Projects! -- Mr. Stickler

New! February 9th - 7th Grade Studystacks up! - I have posted the Studystack electronic flashcards for sections 1 - 3 of the "Africa: Shaped by its History". There are also some cards there that are not in your book, but we will be talking about them in class. Make sure to study these. This time, there is also a "Targets" activity available. Click on the "Targets" link, study the location of the name labels for the African slave trade map. When you're ready, click the link to start the game. (Instructions will appear.) -- Mr. Stickler
* Follow this link to new 7th grade Studystack!

I have updated the Parent page with some money - saving ideas for Post It notes. A lot of students are running out of these and there are some great deals to be had! Click on the Parent page link to see what I have found!

I also updated the Homework pages for all grades. These include information about quizzes, tests, and schedules for each grade. Check the page for your class to read this information. The 6th Grade Class page has 2 links to internet resources that will help you learn more about the Renaissance and Reformation! The 8th Grade Page has two links to videos from the "America: The Story of Us" video series. These will help you learn the material from our textbook. (Both of them are 3 minutes long or less.) -- Mr. Stickler

Sunday, January 16th - 7th Grade Studystack, quiz 1 - I just completed the Studystack flashcards for the 7th grade quiz this week. This will be over sections 1 & 2 of Chapter 4, "Civilizations in Asia". Go to the 7th Grade page to find the link. -- Mr. Stickler

Saturday, January 15th - 6th Grade Studystack, Quiz 1 - The Studystack flashcards are posted for our 1st quiz of the semester! Remember, we will take 1 quiz per unit each quarter (5 units per quarter). Go to the 6th grade Homework page for more quiz details and the link. -- Mr. Stickler

8th Grade Class Page - I added a TON of information about the debate on Tuesday. This is going to be our first 40 - point project for this quarter (out of two) because we are extending it through Tuesday. Go to the 8th Grade Class Page for information about the debate and the first quiz of the quarter. -- Mr. Stickler

Sunday, January 9th - 8th Grade Studystack - I have completed two sets of Studystack electronic flashcards for our Revolutionary War unit. They are now posted online! Go to the 8th Grade Homework page for the links. There are about 60 flashcards in all! Go ahead and study both sets of cards now even though we haven't read all of the sections yet. -- Mr. Stickler

Homework pages for all grades have been updated! Make sure to read everything closely. We're coming to the end of the grading period and a lot of things will be due this week! Pay special attention to portfolio due dates! These are worth 50 points! ALL grades should visit the 8th grade homework page and read the National History Day information, too. Have a great weekend! -- Mr. Stickler

*NEW (July 20th) - 1,000 Page Views!! - We have had over 1,000 individual page views to our class website since July 1st! Thank You all for checking in! -- Mr. Stickler

8th Grade Field Trip Information Posted! - Eighth grade parents, please see the Parent page for information on our field trip this Friday (October 8th) to the Mississinewa/ War of 1812 Battle Re-enactment. There is a document posted with driving directions, links to the re-enactment website, and information for chaperons regarding times and other logistics and appropriate dress for students that day (it will be a free dress day for 8th grade only!). I will be sending more information home for chaperons with your child early this week (please let me know if it doesn't come home by Tuesday!)

I have also updated the Homework pages for each class. Please look at these for information related to the map activities (6th & 8th grade), National History Day (on the 8th grade page), and the "Geography of the Nile" textbook readings and handout (for 7th grade). -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, November 29th - Studystack e - flashcards available: 7th Graders, go to the Homework page and click on the "7th Grade Social Studies" link for the Studystack. The set of cards there are almost finished.

-7th Grade Chaperons -I have added a MapQuest link to the Parent Page for 7th grade field trip drivers. I will have print outs of this route if we decide to go this way. Of course there are many ways we can get there! I look forward to our trip! -- Mr. Stickler

I have updated the Parent Page with information for the 7th grade field trip chaperons. This information comes from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's K-12 guidelines web page. Please take a minute to visit the Parent page and read the attached document before our trip this Thursday! Thank you for agreeing to chaperon our trip! -- Mr. Stickler

8TH Graders! National History Day Resources Posted! - Visit the 8th Grade class page for several links to online resources to help with you National History Day projects. There are links to the National Archives and the Digital Vault, which is an interactive website with 1,200 primary sources to view. The Digital Vault site will help you see connections between famous photos and documents (like treaties, laws, presidential speeches, etc.). That should help you pick two or three topics you might be interested in. (That is, if you are planning on doing a U. S. History based project.) Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will go through an example of how to use your textbook and other books you (or I!) may have that would help. Make sure you have two or three general ideas to bring to class tomorrow! -- Mr. Stickler

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND - 6TH GRADE FLASH CARD ON HOMEWORK PAGE! I just finished creating the 20 flash cards on the study stacks website. From here, click on the "Homework" link on the sidebar, then select "6th Grade Social Studies". The entry at the top has the link (in blue) that will take you to the electronic flash cards. The stack is named "Rome Test Cards" or you can try typing that in the Search box and see what you get. You could also click on the blue "date" heading and the cards will be sorted by the date they were put in since I just put ours in! Have fun!! -- Mr. Stickler

7TH GRADE FIELD TRIP FORM! - 7th Graders, please check the 7th Grade Home Page for information about our upcoming field trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art! There is also a form for parents to download and read. If parents are able to serve as chaperons for this trip, please go ahead and print the form and complete it. We must have two (2) Protocol - trained adults in each vehicle in order to be able to go (teachers cannot serve as drivers, but I can be a 2nd adult in a vehicle). I would like to get chaperon forms returned by Friday, November 5th, please! Thank You! -- Mr. Stickler

I have updated all Homework pages for the weekend and added a note to 6th grade parents on the Parent Page. Sixth grade parents - please take a minute or two to read this short note. I wanted to alert you to a print out I sent home today so you would know to look for it! Please send me any feedback you have to our class E mail address: or simply write a note on the print out and return it with your child on Monday. Thank You! -- Mr. Stickler

All homework pages updates! With NWEA testing happening this week, I want to make sure to keep the homework pages updated. There will be days when each grade may miss Social Studies to take a test. Regardless, please keep visiting the Homework page to see what you should be doing. I will continue to schedule light bits of homework throughout the testing period. If you don't have a Social Studies class, you won't need to turn anything in that day. Just keep any assignments until I have you next time. Thanks! -- Mr. Stickler

6TH GRADE RELIGION STUDY GUIDE! I have posted a study guide for our 6th grade Religion test this week (on the 23rd). See the Homework page for this. If you would like, you can click on the link to download and print the file now. I will have copies available in class tomorrow, too! -- Mr. Stickler

6th Grade page updated - I have updated the 6th grade page with information and links related to the Iceman (from our textbooks). Many of you had questions about him and his discovery while we did the SQR2 reading review. There are interactive pages, photos, and articles at this museum's website. There is also an explanation of Radio Carbon dating (C14 dating) that is much better than the one in our book. Please visit this link and read about the process and how it is used to determine how old things are. Have Fun!

WALLWISHERS PAGE OPEN! - I have created a WallWishers page for you to leave Stickies on. Follow the link on the side panel to get to the page. Post 1 - 2 Stickies on the page. I will read and approve them and then they will appear on the page. This is an easy tool to use for short answers and quick responses to questions. Please give it a try by Monday! Thanks! -- Mr. Stickler

*Update (Sunday, September 19): I've got the links corrected for the 7th & 8th grade Wall Wishers pages now! If it doesn't work, please E mail me at and let me know. Thanks for being patient! Also, I will post the 8th grade project choices on the 8th Grade Home Page later today. I'm planning 2 - 3 choices at this point. Check back later for this (It's 2 P.M. right now). --Mr. Stickler

UPDATED HOMEWORK PAGES. I have updated all the homework pages - including 6th grade Religion. 8th grade - don't forget about your "Vikings" unit test tomorrow!! Study your notes and the things we reviewed today.
6th Grade: Don't forget to have your progress reports signed and return them to me, please! They are due by Thursday, September 16th.
ALL GRADES: If you think you will need Extra Help/ Tutoring after seeing your Midterm, please see me right away to schedule this. I need a 24 hour advance notice for before and after school tutoring. This way I can make sure to check with Mr. Westrick about after school sports and where the tutoring can take place. (I can meet with anyone during Knight Time.) I'm always here to help if you need it! -- Mr. Stickler

UPDATED HOMEWORK PAGES - I have updated homework pages for ALL classes. 8th grade should make sure to look over the new project information and websites I have posted related to Viking foods (8th Grade Homework page). 6th & 7th grades will both be starting new units on Monday!

8th Grade Field Trip: Friday, October 8th. We will be going to the Battle of Mississinewa (War of 1812) Reenactment all day this day. We will have to leave the school by 8:30 A.M. in order to see both reenactments they have Friday (a river battle reenactment and then the main battle itself at 12PM). We are in need of parent chaperons who can drive the students there. I welcome any and all parents from all grades to come along if you would like! I attended this reenactment last Fall and really enjoyed it. There are military encampments from several countries there (British, Colonial/ English, Native American story tellers, and more).
Here is the field trip chaperon form if you think you will be able to come along on the trip! Please print the form, fill it out, and return it to school at your earliest convenience. We appreciate your help!
-- Mr. Stickler

*New September 6th - I have put the 8th grade project options for the "Vikings" unit up on the 8th grade home page. One of them is to read a book in the How to Train Your Dragon series. Check this page for more details about project options. -- Mr. Stickler

*New September 3rd:
975 Page views, many new visitors!! - August was a great month for both our students and our class website! We had 975 individual page views! We also had many people come for the first time. Please, spread the word about this website and how well our students are doing.
September will be a busy month for us! First, midterms are next Friday (September 10th). These will go home in the Tuesday envelope. Second, our 6th graders will take the first field trip of the year. They will be going to the oldest cemetery in Muncie - Beech Grove Cemetery - to practice collecting historical evidence. Their website is: This trip is on Thursday, Sept. 9th. and lasts from 8:30 to 9:30 A.M. If you are able to chaperon or drive some students to the field trip, please E mail me at There will be two Protocol training sessions this week (Sept. 7 - 9) if you need this before the field trip. Contact the Parish office for more information on this. Also, any transportation help we can get would be appreciated. I also have the field trip to Battle of the Mississinewa War of 1812 reenactment scheduled and approved for October 8th.
If you can drive or want to chaperon, please let me know. Thank you!

Visit the Parent Connection page for photos of our classroom!

Jeff Stickler

I have updated each class homework page for this weekend. Concentrate on finishing your rough drafts! Read through the grading rubric I gave you to make sure you have all parts to turn in.
8th grade: I also posted the National History Day video I mentioned during class (Censorship in Rock Music) on your homework page. I think you'd really like these types of projects!

My E - Mail @ St. Mary's: I was recently issued a school E mail account that can be used for student/ parent communication if needed. This will give you a second E mail address in case I have not answered a homework question at the address. My St. Mary's address is: Feel free to E mail me at the St. Mary's address if you would like.
-- Mr. Stickler

I have added a mapping site to each class page. This should help you with your final unit projects! It will be especially helpful to those of you doing the Evacuation Route project - you will be able to see where most of the people live in Muncie. Visit your class page to follow the link. -- Mr. Stickler