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8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES PAGE This page is for Hoosier Academy 8th graders! You will find videos from Elluminate sessions, links to Studystack electronic flashcards, and important information about tests, quizzes, and projects. You will also find resources for Middle School History Day.

December 14, 2011 - Battle of Jutland footage: Here is our video clip from the December 14th class on the Battle of Jutland and the end of World War I ("U.S. Enters the War"). Contains raw (primary source) footage of the Battle of Jutland edited in with some naval gunnery practice footage. The target practice footage may have been added to provide a context of "practice vs. the real thing". -- Mr. Stickler Posted Dec. 14, 2011

*NEW - Sunday, November 6th, 2011 - Elluminate Challenge!
The Elluminate Challenge started on November 1st! Remember, all HAM students who attend and Elluminate and stay the whole class, earn a point toward the Elluminate Challenge. Look over your schedule, plan out your day, and get to Elluminates!! Help our students win prizes! The Challenge goes on for the entire month of November, so keep the participation level high! -- Mr. Stickler