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Hello and welcome to the Hoosier Academy, Muncie 2011 - 2012 Home page! This is your main page for class information, announcements, and homework assignments. There is also a general Parent page for information about topics such as teen sleep and nutrition needs, parenting tips, and ways to help your child become a better reader. Use the links under the "HA Menu" column in the Navigation Menu (right-hand side of this page) to check for new information.

You will notice that the page titles below and on the class pages themselves are color-coded. These will be your class colors for student journals and portfolios (and several other things throughout the year). You can read more about color - coding on your class page.

I look forward to meeting all students and their families and working together to have an excellent year!



*NEW - FEBRUARY 11, 2012 - JANUARY PAGE VIEWS! Good news! I have totaled the page views for January and we climbed even higher! We had 1,376 total page views last month! That's a new record for this Wiki. I'm so glad we have a place where many people - from all over the world - like to come, visit, and see what's going on with Hoosier Academy, the Middle School Lovers book club page (one of the most popular pages), and the National History Day web page. I've been amazed to see the different countries that have come to visit us! In January, we had visitors from South Korea, Thailand, Columbia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Japan. We also had visitors from Canada! Simply amazing.
This is a good lesson for all of us at Hoosier Academy. When the Internet was first getting its start and building momentum, it was always called the "world wide web" (www to all of us today). The Internet really does give us world wide access to people and information that we wouldn't be able to find nearby. It connects all of us with a computer and Internet access. We should keep this in mind when we put information on the Internet, too. Once something is published online, it's there . . . somewhere. It gives users the responsibility of putting accurate information online when we do research and post our results. We also have to guard our personal information. Don't post sensitive information online (such as your social security number and, for students especially, your last name). This is the reason we don't post last names when we sign into Elluminate classes, too.
Keep all of this in mind if you are creating a web site for our History Day projects this year. When you build your website, only post information about your topic that you have researched through more than one source. This will help you make sure you are posting accurate information. Also, do not post your last name on your pages! You can put your first name and last initial on a page if you need to. However, if there's really no need to use your name on a page, just leave it off.
Thanks to all of the people who have come to visit us! If you like our Wiki, feel free to send a membership request and you can join us in our adventures in learning about our world and its history! -- Mr. Stickler

Rural Africans from Kenya posing with the satellite dish that will bring the Internet to them.  Visit the University of Michigan College of Engineering story by clicking the photo.
Rural Africans from Kenya posing with the satellite dish that will bring the Internet to them. Visit the University of Michigan College of Engineering story by clicking the photo.

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOOK LOVERS PAGE UPDATED! Happy February, Book Clubbers!! The new Book Choice poll is up on the Middle School Book Lovers page. (This poll is iPhone & Android friendly, too!) Visit the book club page to see the choices and vote! I will announce the winner this Wednesday at the book club meeting (11 A.M. this Wednesday in Mr. Stickler's Elluminate classroom). Remember, you can only vote once per person. You can also visit the page and watch a video book review made my high school students for "Firegirl"!

A NEW RECORD!! I'm so happy to report that we had a new record in total page views on our Hoosier Academy website here on wikispaces! (I'm including the wikispace page views record set last year by the school where I taught.) In January, we've had 1,085 total page views so far (and there are a few days to go in the month!!) I'm glad that there are so many people - students, parents, Learning Coaches, families, and other visitors from around the world (as far away as Japan, China, and South Korea!) who keep coming by to see what we're doing. I hope everyone finds the information that they need easily and that you all keep coming back to see how we're doing! Thank You for watching us grow! -- Mr. Stickler

December 31, 2011 - Middle School Book Lovers page updated! Hello, Book Clubbers! I added an updated message on our book club book nomination for January to the Middle School Book Lovers page. Visit the page to read it and follow the link to post your book nomination today! -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2011 - Middle School History Day!

Middle School History Day is a fun event for students and their families. This project takes months of work, but in the end, I am always overwhelmed by creative projects that students create and present. This year, Middle School History Day will be Thursday, April 19th (and possibly the 20th depending on whether any Hoosier Academy Virtual Students participate and present their projects). The first project due date is November 23rd!! That is when the Project Proposal is due!! Students will be able to do a project from any period in history! To prepare for finding a project topic and writing the proposal, I have added a Middle School History Day page that is full of examples from previous National History Day contests. I will be handing out a project rubric so that students will know exactly how their projects will be scored and what should be on/ in them. Each piece of the project will be turned in for review and evaluation and a grade will be assigned to that piece. Students will get these pieces back so they can make corrections and improve their projects along the way!!
Follow the link in the menu on the right side of this page to go to the History Day page. Look over the video and links to other projects. Then, have some fun finding more projects using the search instructions! -- Mr. Stickler

SUNDAY, JULY 31ST - A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME - I wanted to write and introduce myself before the school year starts so everyone will know something about me before our first day of school. I earned two college degrees and a Middle Level Education Graduate Certificate from Ball State. I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master's degree in Secondary Education. I also earned my teacher's license while finishing my Master's degree.

I love teaching middle school students! I was a student teacher in 8th grade Social Studies at Northside Middle School in the fall of 2009. After that, I was a substitute teacher at St. Mary's Elementary/ Pope John Paul II Middle School for a semester. Last year, I taught 6th - 8th grade Social Studies at Pope John Paul II Middle School. My students and I had a great year! Together, we held the first "History Day" in school history. They built very creative projects and had some exciting (and educational!) field trips during the year.

Many people ask me why I like history so much! The answer is, "Because I've traveled all over the world and seen so many historical places". In Egypt, I toured the Valley of the Queens and the Temple of Karnak. I also got to sail down the Nile River! In England I visited Portsmouth, the port city where the D-Day invasion of World War II was launched, and London, where I saw Buckingham Palace, "Big Ben", Piccadilly Circus, and all the rest of the tourist spots. I've also been to Athens, Greece. There, I was very impressed by the Parthenon and the Acropolis - two of the most important sites in ancient Greece. I've been to many other countries, but I can tell you about them when I meet all of you in person!

Now that I've introduced myself, I can't wait to meet all of you! I know we'll have a great year together exploring Social Studies! I will see you August 8th! -- Mr. Stickler