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MIDDLE SCHOOL BOOK LOVERS BOOK CLUB - ARCHIVED INFORMATION Here you will find old entries from the Middle School Book Lover's book club page that has been removed. Information is archived in the order that it appeared on the page: by date. Search this resource for the titles of books the club has read in the past as well as lists of books that were nominated by club members.

January 4th, 2012 - BOOK CLUB POLL IS HERE!! - I hope you all had a great Winter Break and are ready to come back and read some fun books together this semester!! Below you will see the Book Club Poll for January. We had three books nominated. You only get one (1) vote each, so think about it before you vote! (You can use the links on this page to read book previews before voting if you would like.) Just click on the button next to your book choice, then click "Vote" below the poll. It's that easy! I look forward to seeing what book is chosen! I'll leave the poll up for several days before posting the winner. Thank for voting!! -- Mr. Stickler

Dec. 31, 2011 - LAST CALL FOR BOOK NOMINATIONS!! - So far, I haven't received any more book club nominations for January. Since some of you may be having problems getting messages to me, I set up a very easy way for you to nominate books:! Anyone can go to the book club page I created, double click on the page, and create a sticky note that goes on the page. The Middle School Book Lovers page can be found at: (Follow the example I added to our page when posting.) Once I review it to make sure there are no last names on your sticky note, I will O.K. it and you will be able to see it on the page. We still need 2 more book nominations so we have plenty of titles to choose from. Post your suggestions on WallWishers and I will use your sticky notes to make our January book poll by January 2nd! -- Mr. Stickler

Dec. 21, 2011 - CALLING FOR BOOK NOMINATIONS: HELP! Our book club needs book nominations for the month of January! I have a couple already, but we need 3 or 4 more. That way there will be plenty to choose from. To nominate a book for our club to read, kmail Mr. Stickler or send your book nomination to your homeroom teacher (on kmail) and ask them to forward it to me. You can also type them in the chat box before or after an Elluminate session. We need lots of suggestions! On December 29th, I will be posting the first book poll. Visit this website to cast your vote for the book you would like the club to read next. (I will have the voting deadline listed next to the poll.) I will post the winner on this site once the deadline has passed, so come back the day after the poll expires to see what book we will be reading!
Here is a link to a book review for a book that has already been nominated, "The Name of This Book is Secret". (Click the book title link to read the review.) Happy Reading!! -- Mr. Stickler

*NEW - Dec. 22, 2011 - Book Reviews for More Nominated Books! Thank you to all who have nominated books so far! Here are links to other books that have been nominated for our first book to read:
Firegirl, by Tony Abbott - Click the link to read the book review.
Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton - Click the link to read the book review.

- Don't forget - nominate books by December 29th!! That is the day I will post the first book poll. Read any good books lately? Kmail me or
your homeroom teacher (ask them to forward your kmail to me!) and I will get them on the poll! -- Mr. Stickler