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VIKINGS UNIT TEST TOMORROW!! Tomorrow we will have to eat our Viking foods while we take the test to make sure we have time for both activities.

Continue working on your projects. Tomorrow, the five students who were randomly selected should bring in their Viking foods (or foods made from things Vikings would've had access to). Review that notes that we went over in class today. Also, all papers are due for projects. There are no presentations required this time! If you are doing the Viking Ship project, make sure to include a drawing from the side and a top view. (These don't have to be perfect works of art!). If you are doing the Viking Myth project, you can use the myths we talked about in class today as a base, or, you can create your own - totally new - Viking myth. Make sure to base your character on things the Vikings would've actually considered important based on our own study. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know. I'd be glad to help!
Tomorrow we will finish our Mythology coverage after sampling the foods people bring in. -- Mr. Stickler

Now that "Viking" unit projects have been chosen, everyone should be working on theirs! Most of you are doing the "Viking Food" project, which should be interesting. Just remember, you have to cite the source where you got the recipe, print out the recipe and be able to tell us how it relates to Viking history, and only make breads or cookies. (I don't want you all to spend a ton of money on this!). Plus, bring in enough so that everyone can taste a little (not a huge amount since we'll be trying so many foods). Make sure not to make anything with nuts or tomatoes because we know people have allergies to those. Here are some web links to Viking food information & recipes:
Loaves of bread from Viking graves.  (Click to jump to the web page.)
Loaves of bread from Viking graves. (Click to jump to the web page.)

Click to link to vikingsofmiddleengland website's Food page!  Lots of information.
Click to link to vikingsofmiddleengland website's Food page! Lots of information.

3. Dark Age Food web site: This site, called "Dark Age Food: What Vikings Ate," lists the 7 main categories of Viking foods and the ingredients they used.4. Viking Recipes: A Viking Feast - This web site has a recipe for a Viking flatbread that you might want to use.5. Viking Foods: Ragnhild's Recipes - This portion of the website has two recipes you could use: Basic Oatcakes and Blackberry Patties. Reading through these should give you an idea of what's acceptable. We have 9 people making food, so we'll probably divide the 9 of you into two days. Some could bring food on "project" day, and the rest can bring theirs on test day. Even if you cook (and you have to cook your own food!), you will have a short presentation! Let me know what recipe you choose ASAP! I will try to schedule people so we have a mix of foods each day. Send your recipes or descriptions of recipes to me at my wikispaces E mail:
The only "homework" you have for this weekend is to work on your projects. Remember, this is a short unit: 5 days plus a test day. That means the first foods group will bring theirs in on Wednesday, September 15th. The rest on Thursday, September, 16th (test day). -- Have Fun!
--Mr. Stickler

-- The only thing I'm assigning for Saturday & Sunday is finishing your projects! Many of you are already done. If so, enjoy some time off - you've earned it! I really appreciate your hard work on the Geography unit. We will use those skills and ideas all year.
-- PROJECTS ARE DUE TUESDAY! This is the 2nd part of the "unit final evaluation." I take your score from your project and add it to your unit test score to give you one large "final evaluation" score. You all did really well on the test today. (I will hand those back on Tuesday.)
-- Wednesday we start our unit on "Vikings" (and no, not the ones who play football in Minnesota!).
- Thank you for your ideas on the Exit Cards today. Those will help me add lessons about things you all like during this unit.
- Most of our reading will have to come from outside books, magazines, or other articles. I haven't found any textbook that cover the Vikings very well at all! I'll copy articles or parts of articles for you to read.
-- Remember, current events are DUE EVERY FRIDAY. That is also SSR day so we will have 2 - 3 people talk about their Current Events. Write this in your Agenda Book!
I hope you are finding our class at least somewhat enjoyable!! Our tests, assignments, and vocab. will be like it was in the last unit. Have fun!! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Wednesday, Sept. 1:
-- Current events due Friday! Two paragraphs plus article print out.
-- Thursday you will get a field trip permission form to take home!!
-- Thursday you will also get your project rough drafts back. We will give presentations on Tuesday (after Labor Day). This means our Geography test will be FRIDAY, SEPT. 3RD.
-- We will take a few notes and review for the test tomorrow (Thursday). -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Wednesday, August 25th:
- Read the Muncie Central Asbestos article and answer questions.
- Turn in your "re-do's" for the Map Scale Practice Sheet (if I wrote that on your paper today).
- Make sure you know the 5 new Vocab words from the top of the article. We'll put them on our Word Wall tomorrow.
*Make sure to get a book to bring for SSR on Friday! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Tuesday, August 24th:
- Read pages 15 - 17 in your textbook.
- Bring in your Facebook photo for our wall if you haven't already.
* TOMORROW: We will start our vocabulary Word Wall so you can start writing your rough draft essays. Your project rough drafts are due Monday, August 30th! This includes both the map and essay portion. Please let me know if you need help on this!
  • EXTRA CREDIT from Mr. Westrick: Mr. Westrick said he would give 5 pts. extra credit to any student who can find out what African country is the most populous (has the most people). If you find this, write it on a piece of paper with your name and date and I will collect them tomorrow (Wednesday). -- Mr. Stickler

Here is the homework for Monday, August 23rd:
- Finish the Map Scale Practice Sheet: Ancient Egypt/ Africa.
- Continue working on final projects.
- Bring in "Safe Zone" anti-bullying forms signed by parent(s) and student.
- Bring in photo for class Facebook wall (on the back wall of our classroom).

The Vikings were the first explorers to come to North America - about 1,000 years ago! Leif Erickson - a Viking explorer - came ashore at a place he called "Vinland the Good" (now called L' Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada). Leif Erickson and his fellow explorers left Greenland and came south to land in this spot. They did not stay long, but were still the first explorers to come to North America. Visit the Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga page at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History website. See artifacts, maps, and photos related to Viking history. (Click on "View the Exhibit" from the start page, then scroll about halfway down and click "Tour Exhibit Highlights.")

In honor of Independence Day, here is a link to the Old North Church website and the story of Paul Revere's ride. This is the church where the lantern(s) were to be hung to alert the militia that the British were attacking ("One if by land, two if by sea"). Revere stopped at this church on his famous ride and asked that lanterns be hung in the steeple. -- Mr. Stickler

* NEW - July 16th - 8th Grade WallWishers page - I have created our class WallWishers page and linked to it in the Navigation Bar (right of this page). Please take a minute to visit this page and create a sticky note. List 1 thing you've liked on our class web page so far and 1 thing you would like to see here. FOR SECURITY REASONS - only use your first name and last initial! I created a sample note for you. Once I approve your note, you'll see it on the page! This will help me decide what to post on our web page the rest of the summer. THE WALLWISHERS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY MORNING (JULY 19TH)! YOU DO NOT NEED A WALLWISHERS ACCOUNT OR GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO POST STICKIES!
-- Mr. Stickler

Here is a picture to get us started!
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence!