*New - Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - For Wednesday's class, we will begin by turning in the "Tech Tools" assignment. Then we will play the vocabulary review game . . . so don't forget to study the sheet I gave you today. Then, we will read the second side on Ghana. We will add this information to what we already know about that country. If we continue to progress as well as we did today, we should be ready for a test on Monday. (We'll see ho things go during class) -- Mr. Stickler

Sun., January 23rd - "Civilizations in Asia" Unit Test - Don't forget, our test for this unit is on Monday, January 24th. There are 8 multiple choice questions and 5 short answers. The short answers are the same format as the quiz and the practice question (the one we did together in class) from early last week. You should use the Studystack electronic flashcards, your textbook (chapter 4), the handouts I gave you in class on Chinese pottery (from the Indy Museum of Art) and literature ("The Bhakti Synthesis" and the "Golden Lotus" selections), and the handout with the timeline of Chinese dynasties on page 1. For the short answers, you will need to be able to take facts from all these sources and combine it into your paragraph (or two, depending on how you choose to organize the answer). E mail me at if you have any questions about the test. -- Mr. Stickler

December 14th: Medieval Africa Studystack flash cards available! I have already posted many electronic flash cards on for our test on Monday. There will be a few more cards added as we discuss things in class, but there are plenty to work on now! We will do a review game on Friday, so you will have some type of study sheet to take home with you after that. Follow this link to the 7th grade Medieval Africa flashcards. -- Mr. Stickler

November 29th - StudyStack for Friday's test started! I have started the Studystack electronic flash card for the Ancient India chapter. You can find it at the Studystack website. Follow the link and select "7th - Ancient India" if you don't see it right away. You should print these out BEFORE the test so you understand the content. Don't wait until the last minute! You won't remember. --Mr. Stickler

NOVEMBER 11th -Ancient India Homework - Tomorrow is the end of midterms and a lot of things are due for our class. (Luckily, we've done a much better job of keeping up with them this quarter!) Here are the things due tomorrow: Current Events, Portfolio Reflections & Artifacts for weeks 3 & 4 of the 2nd quarter, the 2 question Buddhism worksheet, doing the reading assignment ("The Ganges and Indus River Valleys") and SQR2 notes for the section. Also, tomorrow we will finish watching the last 15 minutes of our "Goa, India" video & complete the worksheet. Very busy tomorrow! Any of this you can do at home, the better. We WILL take 10 minutes during class tomorrow to write the portfolio reflections, but it may not be enough time for some of you. I would think about writing some of the Portfolio Reflection(s) at home so all you need to do is finish them. The 2 - question worksheet on Buddhism fits in with our discussion of Chinese philosophy from last unit (Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism). Make sure to tie all three of those together in question #2. Since midterms are over tomorrow, you must have all work in by Friday at 3:30 P.M. That way I can grade & record everything so you get all your points! -- Mr. Stickler

ANCIENT CHINA TEST FLASH CARDS! I have posted 25 electronic flash cards on Studystack for our Ancient China unit test. Follow this link to get to the "7th-Ancient China" flash cards. After you have done the flash cards a couple of times, try doing a matching quiz based on the flash cards. Just click the Matching button near the middle of the page. You can also print the flash cards to create a study guide. Monday we will play the Study Guide Review Game in class. This will give you more questions to study. If you have any problems using the link above to get to the page, try these steps: go to Google and search for "studystack." Then, click on "World History" from the subject choices. Click on the blue "date" heading at the top of the that column to organize the cards by date created. Then you will see Mr. Stickler's Ancient China Unit Test! Click on that link and the flash cards will appear! If you still have trouble connecting to the flash cards, E mail me at or I will send you the link directly.

Information for this week - Happy Halloween! I stopped by and picked up your graded quizzes from last Tuesday along with the note - taking lesson and extra credit. I will have some questions for you tomorrow (Monday) about the quiz and what gave you the most trouble. (Please, don't misunderstand, overall you did well on the quiz!) We do need to review some of the material to reinforce it with everyone though. We will also need to practice with a couple of activities before moving to the rest of the material in this unit. I am encouraged to see you took notes on Wednesday! (You didn't have to turn them in, but some had them on the back of their quizzes.) As I'm sure Mrs. Mitsch mentioned, we will be taking notes during every lecture from now on. This means that not all of the notes will be on the overhead or given as a handout. I will put some of them up. The rest, I expect that you will hear me say during lectures and will write down. (HINT: If I say something more than once, you should write it down!) I won't expect you to do this type of note - taking entirely on your own for awhile. We will help each other out like we do with SQR2 notes on the board now. Once I see everyone understands how to find what's important to write during lectures, we'll slowly write the notes on our own.

Follow this link and read the article titled "How to Take Good Lecture Notes," by Aurora Knight. This has tips that apply to middle and high school students as well as college. The earlier we start practicing this, the better we'll be by the time you are all ready for high school! On Monday, I will talk for just a few minutes on note - taking and show you a way to format your paper when you take notes. (TIP: One way to practice note - taking is to take notes for 5 minutes while watching the news. The stories move very quickly but give just the "who, what, where, when, and why" - which is all you need. Try just writing down these basic facts for 5 minutes.) -- Mr. Stickler

This weekend you should continue reading about Ancient Egypt. You need to read the next section (Egyptian Religion) of the chapter and do SQR2 notes like we always do. We're coming to the end of this unit and will have our unit test soon. (If we can finish the last section, we will have it either Thursday or Friday next week.) This unit has a lot of new vocabulary words in it! Be thinking about which you would rather do: have a separate test that deals with vocabulary questions, or, just have a larger test that has all the vocabulary and content questions all together. We will take a vote on this Monday! Have a Great Weekend! -- Mr. Stickler

This weekend you should read the section in your textbook on "The Geography of the Nile" (chapter 3, section 1) and the 2 - page "Nile River Farming" handout I gave you Friday with the 2 maps. On the maps, simply study them after reading the textbook section. These are a bit more detailed and will help give you an idea of what the area was like during Egypt's 3 "Kingdoms." You should also read the paragraph on Nile River farming in the handout. As always, use the SQR2 reading method and put your questions and vocabulary words on Post Its. Stick the Post Its on the page where you found the word or the answer to your question. You should also write this page number on the Post It in case it comes out of your book! Monday we will review the farming information and take a few notes to go along with that information. The notes will help fill in some important information on Ancient Egyptian culture. -- Mr. Stickler

On Monday, we will review the questions we came up with for Chapter 3, section 3 - your reading assignment for this weekend. On Monday we will read section 4. Don't forget WE HAVE A QUIZ ON TUESDAY! We are about one unit behind where we should be right now. We'll have to push ourselves a little to stay on track in class to get caught up! I have confidence in us! -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, we learned the 4 steps of the SQR2 reading method. Remember that using this method of reading non-fiction text helps us to get information into our long term memories (where we want it!). Also, you should already have written a paragraph for question #6 on page 34 in the textbook. Tomorrow, we will practice SQR2 when we read pages 34 - 37 in the textbook. We will compare the different questions everyone came up with during the "question" step of SQR2 (just for these pages). Thursday, we will take notes on those pages with graphic organizers. -- Mr. Stickler

Last time we met we started our Word Wall and a new unit, "Mesopotamia and Nile River Civilizations. We started with a little re-learning about latitude, longitude, and how to locate places using a Global Grid. Tomorrow we will use the first 10 minutes of class to answer any questions about the Vocabulary Words and points on pages we read Tuesday.
Next, I will teach you a pre-reading method called SQR2. This is a method you will use every time you read a chapter in our textbook.
In elementary school you were taught to "learn to read." In middle school, you are expected to know how to read already. Now we are asking students to "read to learn." You will need to take the earlier reading skills and apply them! I will teach you about short term vs. long term memory and how to "chunk" information together to move it to your long term memory. -- Mr. Stickler

Monday, several people will be doing make up "Geography" tests. The rest of us will start our new unit: "Mesopotamian & Egyptian cultures." This is Chapter 2 in your book (titled "The Fertile Crescent"). If you happen to have your book at home, go ahead and read pages 28 - 34 and write the 4 definitions on Post It notes (paste into your book). If not, it's O.K. Monday we will be looking at those pages - there is no "official" homework! Also by Monday I should have your portfolios graded! See you on Monday! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Sept. 4 & 5:
-- PROJECTS AND PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY! We will be finishing the Climate and Survivability video clip and - if some people are ready - going ahead with starting Presentations.
- Use the Grading Rubric I gave you make sure you are including everything.
-- Work on finding an article for next week's current events to do if you don't have anything else. Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

Classnotes & Homework for Thursday, September 2nd:
-- CURRENT EVENTS DUE TOMORROW! Turn in a print out of your article and two paragraphs about the article. You should talk about your opinion of the event, who was involved, where it took place, & what group of people were effected. I will ask 2 people to summarize their paragraphs this week.
-- We will also watch a 20 minute film clip on climate and survivability with questionnaire. (Questionnaire due Tuesday.)
-- "Geography" unit test will be next Wednesday! Put this date in your Agenda Books! Project presentations will be on Tuesday. That day you will turn in your final map and essay after you give your 3 - 5 minute presentation. See me tomorrow if you need help with public speaking!! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Wednesday, Sept. 1:
-- Thursday is the last day for the Asbestos article "re-do's."
-- Finish the Map Scale practice sheet #2.
-- We will review the Map Scale sheets in class and do some more practice for the test (probably Tuesday).
-- Current events are due Friday: article and two paragraphs.
-- Don't forget: Student Government Association sign ups end this Friday! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for weekend of August 28th & 29th:
-- Finish your final project rough draft.
-- Remember, rough drafts are due Monday! Bring both your map and essay. We will do peer reviews (2 a piece) in class.
Here are some reminders about the rough drafts:
  1. Your essay can be either in outline or paragraph form.
  2. Your map doesn't have to be colored yet, but if you turn in a finished map, I won't write on it. That way you can keep it and turn it in as your final map.
  3. Your essay must contain 5 vocabulary words from our Word Wall.
-- Also due Monday, if you had a re-do assignment for the Map Scale Practice Sheet it is due. Monday is the last day you can turn it in!!
-- If you have questions this weekend, have your parents E mail me on our class E mail account. I'll check messages regularly. -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Wednesday, August 25th:
- Read the Muncie Central Asbestos Lawsuit article and answer questions on the back.
- Read the 5 new vocab words at the top of the article (we will put these on the Word Wall).
- Bring 4 - 6 tablets of Post It notes to leave at school and bring 1 to class every day. (3 x 3)
- We will trade and grade the questions from the article as we review it tomorrow.
*Don't forget to get a book for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) on Friday!! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Tuesday, August 24th:
- Read pages 230 - 239 in your textbook.
- Bring in photo for your Facebook page if you haven't already.
  • TOMORROW: We will start making our Word Wall so you can start writing your essays for the unit projects.
EXTRA CREDIT from Mr. Westrick: Mr. Westrick said he would give 5 pts extra credit to any student who can find out what African country is the most populous (has the most people). If you find this, write it on a piece of paper with your name and date and I will collect them tomorrow (Wednesday). -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Monday, August 23rd:
- Keep working on unit final project.
- Map Scale Practice Sheet (due tomorrow): Africa/ Ancient Egypt. Do 7 questions (NOT Challenge Question).- Read pg. 235 in your textbooks.
- Bring in photo for our class Facebook pages on the back wall of the classroom.
- Return the "Safe Zone" no bullying pledge sheet (signed by both parents and student).

Homework for the weekend of Aug. 21 & 22:
Below is the homework for the weekend of August 21 & 22:

  • Review Geography Unit project choices.
  • Choose which project you would like to do for this unit.
  • Write this down - it's due Monday!!
  • Once you have the choice made, go ahead and start finding all the parts.
Web resources: These web sites will help you find a map of Muncie, Indiana to use: mapquest.
This website will help you research the different plants and animals at the site you choose (Option # 1): National Geographic Kids. --Mr. Stickler