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- Chinese Calligraphy - In a previous post you learned the symbols for "Sun" & "Moon." Calligraphy was created during the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1460 B.C.) in China. (The Shang was only the second Chinese Dynasty!) Follow the two links below to learn more about Chinese calligraphy, calligraphy tools, symbols drawing techniques, and see a list of MANY more symbols. After reading this "Chinese Calligraphy" page, click the "More Characters" link at the bottom of the page. There you will see more Chinese calligraphy symbols. Practice drawing some of these using the different techniques you saw on the first page. Click on the "China Facts" link at the bottom of the page to see the Chinese Zodiac symbols drawn in calligraphy with a list of years under each! Have Fun! -- Mr. Stickler

The Great Wall of China was built over a 2,000 year period and stretches 5,500 miles! Starting in the Warring States Period in 685 B.C., the wall was constructed for defense. Major construction stopped in 1644 A.D. during the Ming (pronounced "m-ih-ng") Dynasty. After this - during the early Qin (pronounced "ch-ee-n") Dynasty - some repairs were made. Visit The China Guide website and take a photo tour of the Great Wall and other famous sites in China. After taking a virtual tour, visit the Great Wall Historypage at the website. Here you'll see a brief history and links to other Great Wall photos and information pages.

NEW - July 16th - 7th Grade WallWishers page - I have created our class WallWishers page and linked to it in the Navigation Bar (right of this page). Please take a minute to visit this page and create a sticky note. List 1 thing you've liked on our class web page so far and 1 thing you would like to see here. FOR SECURITY REASONS - only use your first name and last initial! I created a sample note for you. Once I approve your note, you'll see it on the page! This will help me decide what to post on our web page the rest of the summer. THE WALLWISHERS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY MORNING (JULY 19TH)! YOU DO NOT NEED A WALLWISHERS ACCOUNT OR GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO POST STICKIES!
-- Mr. Stickler

Below are some pictures to get us started. For more information go to the History of China website.

Neolithic pottery from China!

Visit for more information.