6th Grade Religion
On this page, you will find information for 6th grade Religion class, including homework and upcoming assignments. There are also notes that will help you learn material and links to Studystack flashcards and other study material.

*NEW: Sunday, April 24th - Study Stack flash cards: I have posted Studystack flashcards for our test tomorrow. The test will cover information in chapters 16 & 17. Follow this link to the Chapter 16 & 17 test flash cards. We will take the test after our ISTEP practice test is over. -- Mr. Stickler

February 27th - This week in religion: This week our ISTEP testing will change things a bit for us. For one, it will be a "light homework" week Monday through Wednesday. Also, ISTEP will be done in the mornings, which is when we usually have Religion. Teachers are changing the schedule for those days so we can fit every class in as much as possible. However, you will need to take the initiative to work independently for some things. Our goal for Religion this week is to finish reading, chapter 12 in our textbooks, review for the test, and be ready to take our test Thursday (if possible). If all else fails, we will have to take our Religion test on Monday, March 7th.
Your job is to read at least sections 1 and 2 of chapter 12 on your own. Like always, do your SQR2 notes so we will be ready to put them on the board in class. This will help us so that we can start reading sections 3 & 5 when we get to have a full class period again. So, please take your Religion books home Monday - Wednesday and read these sections. I will write this information on the board to remind you all as well. If you have questions about what you have read, make sure to ask! I can't help if I don't know what's wrong! -- Mr. Stickler

January 23rd - Chapter Test on Tuesday! - Don't forget - we will have our test over chapter 9 in our books on Tuesday. It would have been Monday, but we had to move it due to the snow day and the 2 - hour delay Thursday. Monday in class we will review for the test. Using your textbook is the best way to study for this test. We're only testing over 1 chapter this time instead of 2, so it's much shorter than usual.

The only thing that may change this test date would be an NWEA testing schedule that interferes with our time for Religion class. I will let you know the new NWEA schedule once I get it. That way you can plan homework around it. Remember, you need lots of sleep before tests like this so you can do your best! You can bring homework to the library when you have NWEA and work on it while others finish their tests. This gives you more free time in the evening so you can get to bed early! -- Mr. Stickler

December 19th - Studystack cards for 12/21 Religion test - I have updated the link for the Religion test we are taking this Tuesday. Go to to view the electronic flashcards for this test. Return to the Home page of this website for more information about the test! -- Mr. Stickler

6th Grade Study Stacks are online! - There are 32 electronic flash cards on These cover the material for our test next Monday. Follow this link to study the cards. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will play the Study Guide Review Game!! Please send an E mail to me at: if these Studystack cards do not work. I'll fix it as soon as I can! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for weekend of Nov. 13th & 14th: Religious Ancestry Interviews - This weekend, don't forget to come up with a set of interview questions and do your Religious Ancestry Interviews for the paper (due Monday). You need to use the same set of questions with both the people you choose. That will make it easier to write the paper - the sections will go together more seamlessly. Your paper should be typed (if at all possible), double - space, 12 point font (either Times New Roman or Arial), with 1" margins all around the page. If you absolutely cannot type the paper, you may hand write it (just be sure to write only on every other line). The paper should be 1 1/2 pages long (at least). If you have any questions about how to do an interview, let me know and I can give you some advice! -- Mr. Stickler

PRAYER UNIT TEST MONDAY! - This weekend you should spend your time studying for our prayer unit test. Thursday we played the review game and you all got to see examples of possible test questions. You also have your study guides, which you should have filled out by now. There will be 20 questions on the test. Seventeen of them will be multiple choice. The other three will be short answers. (Short answers will need about two sentences to answer completely.) Since we already did the extra credit in class, there won't be any extra credit on the test. You can have the whole time to take the test if you need it.
Since it's a test day, make sure you bring a library book. You'll need to read your book until everyone else is done. -- Mr. Stickler

Today we reviewed the study guide for our Prayer unit test. (If you still have questions, make sure to ask me tomorrow in Social Studies class!) Our test will be Thursday and you will have the whole period to finish it! It will be no more than 20 questions (most of them will be multiple choice with just 2 or 3 short answer). Make sure to finish writing out your study guide so you can read through it and study Wednesday. We will only have 5 minutes to study before the test Thursday, so make sure you study over the next two days.
You should also bring in your Prayer Stones Thursday. We will set them on the counter to be returned to the original owner as we come into class that day. (Remember that these are simplified examples of prayer "focus objects" because they have helped us remember to pray for the person whose name is on the Stone.) --Mr. Stickler

*Homework for Monday, September 20: Bring your Prayer Stones to Religion tomorrow! We will get them back to their original owner. Then we will take time to talk about any answered prayers from using these as Focus Points for prayers. Also, bring your class notes and articles from the unit. I will give you time in class to work on filling out a study guide. The study guide itself is attached below so you can download and print it now if you'd like. I will answer any questions you have about the test and study guide in class tomorrow! -- Mr. Stickler

CONTINUE PRAYING FOR THE PERSON ON YOUR PRAYER STONE! Don't forget about this. Next Tuesday we will return our Stone to class and get them back to their owners. Then we will discuss any answered prayers from using these.
Also, remember our story about Father Shiffer and the Miracle of the Rosary at Hiroshima? Ask your parents, grandparents and anyone else you can think of about stories of miracles. We're especially interested in miracles that resulted from prayer (like in Fr. Shiffer's case). Then, we will finish our lesson on Miraculous Prayers and Recognized Miracles in our next class. -- Mr. Stickler

--PRAYER STONES - DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR PRAYER STONES! As I said in class, it may seem weird at first, but I think you will see results! We will say prayers for the person until Tuesday, February 21st. (Make sure to bring the Prayer Stones back to church that day!!) Then we will write about the personal experiences you had along the way. If you need to keep notes about how often you prayed for the person on your stone each day - feel free. Anything that will help you think about the whole experience later. Keep the stone somewhere where it's visible to remind you to pray for the person. I'm going to be checking with Mr. Westrick and Father Dudzinski to see if there is anywhere we could "plant" our Stones to create a persona prayer garden. -- Mr. Stickler

No homework! You all did VERY well on your Religion quizzes today! Great Job! Next week we start unit 2: Prayer Life. Be thinking about ways that you use prayer in your life for discussion on Tuesday. -- Mr. Stickler

STUDY FOR RELIGION QUIZ TOMORROW! 15 - point quiz over the material you studied Wednesday. You will have 5 - 10 minutes in class to study before taking the quiz.
-- Mr. Stickler

Don't forget to bring your 2 - paragraph "Seasons" essays to class tomorrow. I will ask for some volunteers to read theirs to the class if they would like. These essays are 10 - point "homework" assignments. If you write 2 paragraphs about another tradition in a different season, I will give extra credit! -- Mr. Stickler

Homework for Tuesday, August 24th:
- Write a 2 - paragraph essay about a family tradition you have during one of the Churches' seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, etc.). It can be handwritten or typed (please skip a line between sentences if you hand write your paragraphs). This will be due in Religion class this Thursday morning (August 26th).
- EXTRA CREDIT: For extra credit, you may write one (1) more two - paragraph essay on the back of your first one. Choose a different season and write about another tradition you have during that season.
-- Mr. Stickler

There is no homework for Monday August 23rd.