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This map shows the European countries we will study.

These are the countries of the Americas.

No homework for tomorrow. If you did not sign up for a project for this unit ("Archaeology & Ancient Greece"), please do so. Today I was missing 5 names from the sign up sheet after class! You should start gathering information about the gods/ goddesses you chose in your project now. That way you will have all the pictures and information you need to complete the Trading Cards.
Also, remember to get your midterm progress report signed and return it, please! If your grade was lower than you thought it would be, or you think you will need some extra help to understand the material, please see me right away. We will need to catch you up on your weak spots from the last 4 weeks so you will be ready to learn the new content. I can do tutoring sessions before and after school as well as Knight Time. I will need a 24 hour notice for tutoring happening before or after school. I'm here to help if you need it!! -- Mr. Stickler

OUR SCHEDULE THIS WEEK - I wanted to let you all know what our schedule will be for this week. It will be a short week for Religion due to the field trip on Thursday. We will also have less class time for Social Studies because of the trip. This means our schedule for the week in Social Studies will be:
Tuesday - "Man vs. Wild," Climate and Survival video clip (20 minutes) and questions.
Wednesday - Geography unit test and turn in projects (no presentations).
Thursday - Beech Grove Cemetery trip (if we get a few more drivers!)
Friday - Start our "Archaeology and Ancient Greece" unit with an archaeology activity.

We won't have time to do presentations on our projects unless something happens and we can't make the field trip. Everyone will automatically get the 5 points for class participation during presentations. (See the grading rubric I gave you for how you will earn the other 20 points.) You all had good rough drafts, so I'm sure you'll do very well on your final projects!!
Make sure to bring a library book to read on test days! While you wait for others to finish you should be reading your book!
It will be a busy week for us, but I know we will learn a lot!! -- Mr. Stickler

Located in Southern France, the Lascaux Caves are home to the oldest existing cave drawings. There are 600 drawings and about 1,500 engravings in all! Radiocarbon dating shows these drawings were created in 15,000 B.C. during the Paleolithic (meaning "old stone age") Era! This era begins around 750,000(!) B.C. and ends with the last ice age in 8,500 B.C. The main cave is 66 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Visit the Lascaux Culture page and take an interactive virtual tour of Lascaux Caves (with sound). As you pass each section, click on the small, white panes that pop up to view different paintings (such as "Ceiling of Red Cows" and "Panel of the Black Bear"). Some of the horses look like similar to those found in China! (How do you think this happened?) After taking a tour and viewing some drawings, visit Sacred Destinations: Lascaux Caves website to learn more about the caves and how they were discovered. Enjoy your Paleolithic field trip!! -- Mr. Stickler

NEW July 16th - 6th Grade WallWishers page - I have created our class WallWishers page and linked to it in the Navigation Bar (right of this page). Please take a minute to visit this page and create a sticky note. List 1 thing you've liked on our class web page so far and 1 thing you would like to see here. FOR SECURITY REASONS - only use your first name and last initial! I created a sample note for you. Once I approve your note, you'll see it on the page! This will help me decide what to post on our web page the rest of the summer. THE WALLWISHERS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY MORNING (JULY 19TH)! YOU DO NOT NEED A WALLWISHERS ACCOUNT OR GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO POST STICKIES!
-- Mr. Stickler

For more information on Ancient Rome, go to this Roman History website at